I used to be a fan of Dave Ramsey.  Bill and I attended a Financial Peace University series, and then hosted one.   We got to shake his hand at one of his seminars, he is intelligent and inspiring. This was several years ago.  Getting out of debt?  A great idea, one I still heartily support.  But in the last couple years I have become more and more troubled by his investment/retirement advice.  It never changes, regardless of the fact that that our country’s economic outlook has changed radically, and is facing catastrophe unlike anything before in our history.  But Dave still refuses to alter what he tells his followers, “invest in mutual funds”.  “Be patient and wait on the stock market”.  All of which has been an epic fail for many folks in the last 5-10 years.  Ideas different from the norm, such as buying gold or silver (not necessarily as an investment, but to preserve what savings they still have, as we face a radically different future than any of us expected 20 years ago) are NOT tolerated by Dave.  And Dave continues to preach the same failing investment advice, while he enjoys living in his 13,000+ square ft mansion.  All this crystallized for me when I read Gary North’s article at this link: http://www.garynorth.com/public/8447.cfm

Other thoughts: besides precious metals, I am finding that many investment specialists are recommending investing in agricultural property.  Who would have guessed that 10 years ago?  Our 20 acres is not suitable for farming, as it is mostly sloping, and on a rocky hill (thus the name “Upon a Rock Farm”), but it is fine for our livestock (chickens, geese, goats and horses).  I am really glad that my better half of 24 years and I agreed on that before we married…to always live in the country.  Preparedness is possible in the city, but obviously more difficult. 


  For starters…if you have been living your happy life, distracted by the latest new cellphone or flatscreen-whatever TV, will my kid get in to such and such school, should I get my hair colored differently or a new tattoo…and don’t have a clue or a plan as to what do do in an emergency..I mean a big one…like major financial collapse (ATMs stop working, credit cards stop working, even if for a few days)…then maybe you are starting to feel like you need to do SOMETHING.  That still small voice is not so still or small.  It’s nagging.  It’s feeling a little bit scary…maybe so scary you keep trying to drown it out with other things.  But is keeps coming back.  Don’t ignore it.  Find some time and some quiet.  Ask God to help you direct your thoughts. Getting started with preparedness is nothing if not overwhelming, where to start?…how to fund it?..what is highest priority for my family?  There are many experts and not-so- experts on the internet on this topic.  I am not an expert, but have been reading, learning and doing for a few years.  I will now share some of my favorite preparedness websites, and later will discuss things I have actually done and how well it worked.

www.survivalblog.com  the Granddaddy of em all, mostly reader written, owned by ultra prepper James Rawles

http://www.preparednesspro.com/blog/ from a female perspective

www.frugalsquirrels.com a preparedness board, free to join.  Many, many topics.

  That is what my Latin blogname means.  In spite of my many interests…..God, family, horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, country living, conservative values, preparedness…I felt a need to name this blog after a passionate concern of mine and many other Americans;  the extreme jeopardy that our Constitutional freedoms and economic freedoms are in.   For awhile maybe, Americans could “look the other way”, and pursue their personal happiness with a singleminded focus.  The annoying buzzing sounds of warning…that our Constitution was being trampled, that our liberties were gradually being stymied, well, that was best left to others who actually enjoyed politics.  You know what?  Except for the people that have unfortunately chosen to make elected positions their permanent careers, I don’t think very many people truly enjoy politics.  I don’t.  But I am enough of a reader and listener to discern the future that this beloved country of mine is headed to.  And it’s not “may be headed that way”, it’s is headed that way.  This, then, is my quest: what can I do, who can I reach, what information can I share, to alert others about the precipice that we now stand on?  Can we somehow draw back, and slide down, instead of violently tumbling?  Can we create some kind of padded landing at the bottom of that cliff?  And, can there still be a semblance of my country?  George Washington’s, Ben Franklin’s, Thomas Jefferson’s?  The myriad of Godly men and women who sacrificed so much for future Americans?  I will try.  For the sake of my daughters and my future grandchildren, should I be so blessed, I will try.